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Whatever your age, looking after your feet is one of the most important aspects of caring for your personal health. An average person, during their lifetime, walks the equivalent of five times around the world! That’s a lot of walking and pressure on your feet and is understandable why foot problems are very common and can affect people of all ages. Conditions of the feet often include corns and calluses, fungal nail and skin conditions and ingrown, curved or thickened nail to name a few. Health issues such as diabetes, arthritis and poor circulation may cause foot problems and regular foot care is needed to reduce the risk of further complications.

It is best not to ignore any foot pain or problems and to see a FHP or chiropodist as soon as possible as what may often appear as something small and insignificant, can pose great difficulties in daily life if left untreated. With regular footcare, most foot problems can be managed or prevented.