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Verruca, the common foot complaint

Feet@theclinic, Loughborough, Leicestershire, treat all foot ailments, from the common to the not so common. One of the most common sufferences is the verruca, or planter wart. Verrucae are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) which can be extremely virulent. A verruca affects the impact and weight bearing areas on the underside of the foot, thus, this affliction can result in being particularly painful. Due to the extreme discomfort and the virulent nature of the virus, early diagnosis and treatment is essential. Here in Leicestershire at Feet@theclinic, Loughborough, we pride ourselves on our skills in early diagnostics, coupled with prompt, effective treatment which is imperative for anyone that has, or suspects the onset of a verruca.

The appearance of a verruca is very distinctive, a thick area of skin with a hard border which surrounds a soft center. On close examination of the verruca it is easy to see small black spots within it. These spots are often mistakenly thought to be the root of the verruca, which is not the case, they are in fact caused by bleeding, bought about by the continual pressure of weight that is exerted on the infected area from standing and walking. The dots are small capillaries which have ruptured and bled beneath the surface of the skin.

Am I at Risk?

At Feet@theclinic, Loughborough we understand that HPV is a non-discriminatory virus. Although literally anyone can be affected by it, there are those people that would be considered at a higher risk of infection, people with underlying medical conditions such as diabetes have a greater chance of being struck down with the virus. Children and younger people are also at greater risk from infection due to their likelihood to participate in activities without footwear. For example, in warmer months, young children playing barefoot, going to public swimming pools or being barefoot in the changing rooms at the gym, behavior such as this or similar, will increase the risk of being exposed to the HPV virus, and thus infection. The sharing of any form of footwear should also be discouraged to reduce the risk of exposer and contraction of the virus.

Treating a Verruca at Feet@theclinic Loughborough, Leicestershire

Recent research has shown that up to 80% of verrucae will clear up by themselves without treatment, however this could take up to two years! That is two years when the sufferer may be spreading the virus and endangering the foot health of others, not to mention the fact that a verruca can be very painful, who wants to put up with the pain and sufferance for two years. Such a prolonged period of suffering is not necessary. Feet@theclinic, Loughborough, are skilled and experienced in treating Verrucae with all the most up to date techniques and procedures, ridding the sufferer of the discomfort and improving their quality of life.

Salicylic Acid Treatment

After assessment and diagnosis treatment options will be considered, we may opt to treat the verruca using a salicylic acid gel. Firstly, the skin will be softened by bathing the foot in warm water, followed by the removal of any loose skin with the skillful use of a sterile scalpel. Then the salicylic acid can be carefully painted onto the infected area which removes the outer layers of hard, dead skin. Professionally undertaken, this treatment is very effective and will be repeated at intervals as recommended by our inhouse experts. Via this treatment clients will usually see rapid results and relief from their affliction and its associated discomfort.

Silver Nitrate Treatment

Our Feet@theclinic professionals may consider silver nitrate treatment as an alternative to using salicylic acid. This treatment employs the use of a silver nitrate stick which, prior to application, is moistened with distilled water and the area of skin around the verruca is protected from the silver nitrate. The chemical effect of the silver nitrate acts to cauterize the wart which causes the verruca to die off. Being more invasive, silver nitrate can cause some level of discomfort during treatment, and will more often than not require more than one session. Silver nitrate treatment should always be undertaken by our skilled practitioners here at Feet@theclinic Loughborough as incorrect usage can result in the reduction of fibroblast proliferation.

Take Action

At the slightest inkling that you may have been exposed to the HPV virus, or for any existing, untreated infection, immediate contact to us at Feet@theclinic, Loughborough, will put you into the care of professional practitioners with the knowledge and skills to diagnose and treat your infection skillfully and appropriately, whilst also equipping you with expert advice as to avoiding any reoccurrence of this undesirable condition. Verrucae need to be treated by prompt, professional practitioners, and there are non-better or more reliable than Feet@theclinic, Loughborough. Contacting us for a private, personal consultation is the first step to making your feet verruca free.