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Why Remodel?

At Feet@theclinic Loughborough in Leicestershire, we realize that your feet take a lot of punishment throughout daily life, including your toes and toenails.  In fact, toenails are there to protect the vulnerable, fleshy top surface of the toe.  Over time, your toenails absorb the physical bumps and scrapes of life whilst also being vulnerable to numerous forms of infection.  All this punishment can lead to broken and disfigured toenails which can result in pain and discomfort.  Sufferers often become self-conscious of their unsightly toenails and feel the need to continually wear closed footwear.  At our clinic in Leicestershire, we undertake toenail reconstruction for people with broken, damaged and even missing nails, using advanced techniques and products, coupled with our expertise, which results in aesthetically enhanced toenails, pleasing to the recipient and the onlooker.

Remodeling Toenails with Pedisafe in Loughborough, Leicestershire

At our Loughborough clinic we are now skilled, and specialize in administering the Pedisafe aesthetic reconstruction procedure.  Pedisafe is the industries leading, and most advanced method of aesthetic toenail reconstruction with lasting results, that not only amaze the recipient, but gleam compliments, and even envy, from others.

Pedisafe aesthetic reconstruction is a straight forward procedure for a skilled technician properly trained in this advanced technique.  The entire procedure can be undertaken during a single visit to Feet@theclinic Loughborough.  An initial consultation will ascertain each individual client’s requirements, and their expectations.  Our experts will discuss the options, detail the expected results and advise each client accordingly.  It may be that a single toenail requires reconstructive work, or multiple nails, whichever is the case our expert advise ensures that every client makes an informed decision as to the way forward.

Remodeling Procedure with Pedisafe

With the decision made, our technician will prepare for the Pedisafe aesthetic procedure.  The existing nails will be prepared with a straight forward pedicure, removing any loose or dead skin tissue, any sharp nail edges and the tidying of the cuticle.  From this point, our Feet@theclinic expert will then cleanse and hygienically sterilize the toes and the nails.  This reduces the risk of infection and cross contamination.

Pedisafe Prepspray is then used on all the nails as a base for the Pedisafe Connect Gel.  This bonding agent is applied delicately and precisely onto the whole of the nail area.  On completion of this part of the procedure the nails are then exposed to a specialized LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamp for around thirty seconds.  The LED lamp gives off UVA (Ultra Violet A) light which acts as a trigger, inducing polymerization of the gel producing the perfect base for the actual remodeling.  Pedisafe Modelling Gel is then expertly applied to the nails in the same way and cured using the same LED lamp.  The nail now has a polymer covering which can be modelled to create the desired aesthetic effect.

The new nail will now be filed and shaped to create a natural looking toenail, a toenail that can be polished and coloured in exactly the same way as the client’s natural nails.  The recipient of the Pedisafe remodeling procedure from Feet@theclinic Loughborough will leave our clinic with, not only wonderfully looking new nails, but also with a new-found confidence knowing that they can stride out with open shoes, or go barefoot with great looking toenails, and with having banished their self-consciousness.

One Simple Step to Great Looking Toenails.

As our clinic in Loughborough, Leicestershire has technicians skilled in the application of the Pedisafe procedure, there is now no need for anyone to feel self-conscious or to have any worries about having unsightly toenails as they go about their daily lives.  Maybe you have been worried about going to a public swimming pool, embarrassed while on holiday, or perhaps simply the summer barbeque in the back garden, all due to unsightly toenails.  Now there is no need, with the skilled use of advanced products those worries can be a thing of the past.  Take the first step, contact us at Feet@theclinic Loughborough for your confidential, personal consultation and become more self-confident and self-assured with great looking toenails for Pedisafe.