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Callus, Hard Skin and Corn Removal at Feet@theclinic in Loughborough, Leicestershire

Calluses are the skin’s intelligent mechanism for protecting itself from excessive rubbing which may be due to physical activity, such as jogging, or it could simply be down to ill-fitting footwear. The skin of the impacted area grows thicker and harder to prevent damage to the skin tissue, the longer this physical trauma continues the thicker and harder the skin becomes.

It may be tempting to let the skin thicken and harden naturally to create a defensive shield. However, the resulting callused skin is not only unsightly, but with the ever-thickening skin comes the risk of further complications, particularly corns. Also, if left untreated, it can lead to the affected area cracking bringing rise to the risk of infection.

Hard Dry Skin, Recognize it!

Hard, dry skin is the first indicator that there is excessive friction being applied to an area of the foot and that callus removal may become neccessary. It maybe uncomfortable and unsightly, but it’s harmless, right? Wrong, this is a warning sign that there might be problems developing further down the line, avoidable problems that can easily and painlessly be dealt with by Feet@theclinic Loughborough, Leicestershire. Here, our skilled technicians utilize a totally non-invasive procedure for callus removal using a scalpel and a mechanical burr for hard skin removal. This, very straight forward procedure which leaves feet smooth and comfortable, more attractive and less prone to more serious afflictions. After the removal of hard, dry skin our Feet@theclinic expert will then give appropriate advice on preventative care, and for those clients with a predisposition towards a repeating occurrence of the build up of hard, dry skin, a program of ongoing care, convenient to the client, can be established.

Removal of Painful and Debilitating Corns

Hard dry skin left untreated can very quickly lead to more serious and painful complaints. One of the most common of these is corns. There are two common forms of corn, the hard corn, usually found on the top surface of the toes, and the soft corn, these develop in between the toes. Although hard or soft corns can be agonizing, skilled aid from Feet@theclinic practitioners can very quickly alleviate a client’s suffering. Unlike the removal of hard dry skin, the corn removal will be undertaken by the use of a sterile scalpel, slicing away the hard, dry skin all the way down to the corn root, which will also be cut away. On completion of this procedure the area will be dressed and the client will be advised of the correct post procedural care and of any follow up visits for the healing process to be monitored.

Recognize Calluses

It is all too common for people to overlook the existence of foot calluses, let alone consider callus removal, this is mainly because they are one of the less painful conditions that people commonly suffer with. Generally, calluses will, at most, be uncomfortable, rarely causing pain that is in any way debilitating, thus calluses often get neglected. Calluses can vary in colour, from red, white, a greyish yellow or brown and may be warm to the touch. They can be of any size and are of an irregular shape. A sufferer is perhaps more likely to be concerned about the aesthetic impact calluses have, in particular people tend to become more self-conscious of them when it’s time to wear open shoes during the summer and whilst on holiday. Summer or not, calluses should not be ignored and expert removal ought to be considered.

Non-Action Risks

With a tendency for feet to always be covered and hidden from sight, it is often thought that having hard, thick skin on the feet will make them strong and durable, particularly by people that undertake physical or athletic activities, but this point of view overlooks the possible risks that come with calluses. Anyone can be at risk from untreated calluses, but diabetics and people with underlying conditions affecting blood flow may be particularly vulnerable to complications from ignoring the existence of calluses. The thick, hardened skin can become cracked and sore, this can lead to infection, possible sepsis or even blood poisoning. Therefore, callus removal should be looked upon as a serious option to be considered.

Taking Action

Having identified the existence or onset of a callus, being proactive, rather than reactive, is the wise choice of action. With its convenient geographical location, a private consultation with a skilled practitioner at Feet@theclinic Loughborough here in Leicestershire, can ascertain how acute the condition is and advise upon a suitable, individual, private treatment plan of callus removal. Our unique approach to treatment planning, up to date technology, coupled with our high level of expertise provides every client with feet care of the highest caliber, along with peace of mind. Our clients can be assured that our care plans don’t simply finish with the completion of the remedial treatment of removing the callus, ongoing preventative care and foot care advice are an important part of our leading feet clinic service.

In-Clinic Treatment of Callus Removal

Having chosen to seek professional diagnosis and treatment for callus removal from Feet@theclinic Loughborough a convenient appointment will be made for when the removal procedure can be undertaken. Commonly, this removal treatment will be executed using a sterile surgical blade. Working with methodical precision our technician will draw the blade across the callused skin, removing a layer of dead skin with each sweep. This is process continues until all the dead skin has been removed, thus exposing the live, healthy skin beneath. Alternatively, an electric tool may be utilized, these tools have a series of ultra-thin, flexible blades specifically designed to hug the varying contours of the different parts of the foot. Our practitioners, with their expert knowledge, will determine which method of removal will be most beneficial via their individual case assessment.

Post Removal Treatment of Callus, Hard Skin and Corn Removal

As with any feet clinic treatment at Feet@theclinic Loughborough, after a removal, we put a strong emphasis on preventative care, not just remedial treatment, along with sound advice on problem avoidance. With our total care approach to foot care, our clients live more comfortable lives with happy feet.