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Professional Ingrown, Curved and Painful Nail Treatments in Loughborough, Leicestershire

Toe nails that are ingrown or misshaped can cause excruciating pain for the sufferer and are a common complaint that we, skillfully and successfully, deal with at Feet@theclinic. Medically termed onychocryptosis, this condition can range from being mildly uncomfortable to agonizingly debilitating and can affect every aspect of a sufferer’s life.

There are numerous causes as to why a toe nail can become ingrown. It could be as simple as poorly fitting footwear or incorrect trimming of the nail. Other causes include excessive sweating, infection, physical injury to the toe and nail, malformed nail plates, poor hygiene, physical posture and even genetic predisposition can cause ingrowing and painful nails.

Recognize the Nail Problem

Although it is most common to experience an ingrowing toe nail on one or both of the big toes, it can in fact affect any of the toes, and early recognition of the condition is vital. Recognizing the signs and seeking an early diagnosis can help to reduce the level of invasive treatment that is required to remedy the condition. Some level of pain or discomfort in the toes can be an early indication of an ingrowing toe nail, sufferers may also be aware of swelling and redness along either or each side of the toe nail or the toe may feel warm to the touch, if any of these symptoms are apparent then it’s time to seek a professional private consultation for ingrowing toenail removal from a skilled practitioner at the Loughborough clinic.

Dangers of Delayed Nail Treatment

Never be complacent in regards to ingrowing toe nails. If ignored, this treatable condition can result in more serious issues, particularly for sufferers with other underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes. Untreated, the bone of the toe can become infected, the subject may experience open sores and foot ulcers or restricted blood flow causing the skin and muscle tissues to decay and die. Any extended delay in treating an ingrown toe nail may result in, otherwise avoidable, more invasive procedures being necessary, such as a matrixectomy, the entire removal of the offending toe nail.


Recognizing that you may have an ingrown toe nail is the alarm call to seek help from an expert, help which is easily accessible with a private consultation through Feet@theclinic, in growing toenail removal private treatment, Loughborough. Early diagnosis coupled with professional treatment and the removal of ingrown or malformed nails requires the skill and care which our practitioners deliver with expertly planned private treatment. From a detailed diagnosis, our unique system of a personalized treatment plan can be formulated by our highly trained feet care specialists that suits the individual requirements of each client. Remedial treatment and on-going care, if necessary, will be tailored and structured in such a way that, not only will it alleviate the client’s immediate discomfort, but help to prevent further occurrences of the problem through preventative treatment and our expert foot care advice.

In Clinic Nail Treatment

Having ascertained there is a problem with your toe nail and sought our expert appraisal of your condition, our skilled technicians will then decide upon the appropriate treatment. This will usually be by the way of a simple in-clinic procedure using the latest up to the minute techniques and equipment. Caught early, the affliction will not be severe enough to require the removal of the entire toe nail. After preparing the toenail for treatment the technician can begin the procedure which involves cutting away a small sliver of the offending nail. Feet@theclinic have an exceptionally high success rate with ingrowing toe nail removal procedures, delivered with proficiency and skill, and it’s one in which all our clients can have confidence.

Post Nail Treatment for Ingrown, Curved and Painful Nails

Most ingrown toe nail removal procedures at our clinic are conducted in a manner specifically designed to cause the minimal disruption to a client’s day to day life and to minimize the recovery period, whilst maximizing the likelihood of a return to a strong healthy toe nail. In some cases, perhaps when a client has a genetic predisposition to ingrown toe nails, we may advise our private clients to take a proactive approach to their toe nail care with periodic consultations aimed at preventative treatment.