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Here, at Feet@theclinic, Loughborough, Leicestershire, we know how common foot complaints are often neglected, this compounds the treatment process, and healing time. One of the most commonly seen conditions is the ubiquitous ingrown toenail.This can result in pain.

What is Nail Bracing?

Nail bracing is a conservative, non-surgical treatment for ingrown toenails. The objective of nail bracing is to gently encourage normal growth of the nail and to reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence of the condition. In many cases where the nail has become ingrown it is due to excessive curvature or deformed nail plate.

Nail bracing corrects the deformation, thus reducing the pain caused by the pressure being put on the nail bed. It will also reduce the formation of hard skin, or callous, that is often seen forming in the nail groove, the sulcus, which is typical in cases of ingrown nails.

What are Nail Braces?

Nail braces are small, corrective devices which can either be glued to the nail or, in the case of steel wire braces, hook under the edges on either side of the nail. Generally, the braces will be left in situ for between six and eight weeks.The brace is visible on the outer surface of the nail, with steel wire braces being aesthetically somewhat displeasing. There is now a leaning towards polymer compound braces which are glued to the surface of the nail, still visible and still unsightly.

Steel wire braces carry a moderate to high risk of infection, using any metals where there may be a chance of contact with broken skin or even the smallest of open wounds there is a risk of infection. In addition, steel, regardless of its purity and substance make up, will degrade. Oxidization will cause molecular change which breaks down the material. At which point, the steel being used loses its “Surgical Purity”, further raising the risk of infection.

The bracing method also requires packing to fill gaps and ridges. This packing is either a cotton or synthetic fibrous material. Being an alien material in long term contact with the skin, the packing material provides an additional risk to infection. Feet@theclinic practitioners are all too aware of the risk of infections which come from any treatment which involves the use of alien materials which will be in long term contact with vulnerable areas of the body.

Infection not only risks undermining the reconstructive process, but will also require the recipient to undergo secondary treatment. With this in mind, we at Feet@theclinic, have now adopted gel bracing with the Pedisafe procedure, entirely non-intrusive and infinitely safer.

Pedisafe bracing is a brand new initiative technique which is not widely used yet in the UK but the USA.The procedure involves the extraction of the offending nail followed by the packing of the sulus with the flexible formulated Pedisafe gel ensuring comfort as well as protection against any unwanted callus forming. The packing with the Pedisafe Gel also acts as a guideline for the growth of the nail. Once this is complete, we create a brace using the clear more rigid gel of Pedisafe, which when cured lifts the nail slightly giving the nail more direction for growth and stopping the ingrown process. In some case’s this has stopped some people having to have nail surgery.

Using the Pedisafe for bracing holds very little risk to any repercussions. The brace will need replacing every 3 months until the full nail cycle has completed.

Lasting Simplicity with Pedisafe.

Pedisafe has been developed by Canadian chemists specifically to counter all the negatives of traditional bracing reconstruction of the toe nails. The result of their diligent research and development is an entirely new product which is a quantum leap in pediatric procedures.

Always wanting to stay abreast of modern, safe advancements in feet care and procedures, here at our clinic in Loughborough, we have adopted the use of the Pedisafe procedure. Pedisafe has shown itself to be the safest and the most client friendly reconstructive procedure now available on the market.

When administered by our trained professionals at our Loughborough clinic, the Pedisafe procedure is much quicker than other options and produces the very best results.

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