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Feet@theclinic Complete Diabetic Foot Care Program

Diabetics face many problems in day to day life, many of which non-diabetics are unaware of. Most people are sure to be aware of the need for diabetics to carefully monitor their diet in order to keep their insulin levels stable, but few non-sufferers realize anything about the peripheral consequences that diabetics face every day due to long term sufferance of an ever more common disorder.

With high glucose levels in the blood, diabetics can face a myriad of health issues due to nerve damage and circulatory problems as a result of their condition, this very often results in problems with their feet. For all sufferers of diabetes professional healthcare and checkups are vital to maintain healthy feet. We are acutely aware of the importance of diabetic foot care and are well versed in the specialist area of diagnostics and treatment of diabetic related foot disorders.

Diabetes Induced Neuropathy

As experts in the field of diabetic foot care we know only too well that diabetes can cause nerve damage, known as diabetic neuropathy, damage to the nerves inhibits the signals sent from them to the brain. This can result in numbness and a loss of feeling in the feet. As a result of the loss of feeling diabetics may be unaware of the onset of other diabetes induced issues, unlike that of a more able-bodied person, hence, regular diabetic footcare assessments are essential. At Feet@theclinic diabetic footcare in Loughborough we are trained to assess and deal with such problems with skill and professionalism. Initially we will undertake a myofilament assessment, this will allow us to ascertain whether or not there is any nerve damage, and if so, to what extent. From this, we can then formulate an appropriate treatment program, individually tailored for each client.

Hard skin, Calluses and Corns

Diabetics are far more susceptible compared to someone who doesn't suffer with diabetes. Often considered to be fairly harmless afflictions, such as, hard skin, calluses and corns which are, in some ways, the body’s natural way of protecting the foot. With a hard layer of thickened skin, a wound or abrasion is protected from any pressure or friction that may be caused by ill-fitting footwear and excessive rubbing on any part of the foot. But this can develop into thick calluses or corns which can press into the foot, which may lead to great discomfort and pain, resulting in some degree of debilitation. For a person with diabetes, a callus or corn can in fact just be a thin layer of hardened skin which is covering a more serious problem, such as a deeper wound or ulceration which can lead to further infection, complications and the necessity for more invasive, drawn out treatments. Diabetes induced hard skin, calluses and corns require the very best diabetic foot care in Leicestershire, this is available with Feet@theclinic Loughborough.

Foot Warts

Through secondary infection diabetics are vulnerable to foot warts, which are often referred to as planter warts. These warts commonly form on the sole of the foot, singularly or in large numbers. Often, a planter wart can be mistaken for a callus, but they have a small dark dot, which is in fact a tiny clotted blood vessel, which helps to distinguish it as a wart. This condition can be very painful and debilitating, restricting mobility and reducing a person’s quality of life. It is not uncommon for a sufferer to have up to a hundred planter warts on the sole of the foot, so planter warts, or the suspicion of their onset, must never be ignored. Feet@theclinic expert diagnostic footcare specialists in Loughborough are trained to identify the early signs of planter warts. With early diagnosis and proactive action, treatment times are reduced and procedures less invasive.

Diabetic Foot Care Knowledge and Advice

Diabetics face unique levels of susceptibility to what are otherwise, rudimentary ailments and afflictions. Being in a high-risk group and vulnerable to an accelerated exasperation of mild ailments to debilitating conditions, preventative care is never more important than it is to sufferers of diabetes. Diabetic foot care in Loughborough with Feet@theclinic put high store in preventative care. Sound, professional advice and guidance is the initial and most important element of preventative care. With a high level of vulnerability, diabetics need advice uniquely tailored to their condition. The professionals at Feet@theclinic Loughborough are trained to, not only diagnose existing problems, but also to assess future risks and communicate this to each client with invaluable advice for preventative diabetic foot care. However careful a diabetic may be they will always be at a higher risk of falling victim foot health issues. At Feet@theclinic we always err on the side of non-invasive therapy for patients with diabetes due to their unique level of vulnerability to more complicated health issues. Our overall objective is to keep a diabetic’s feet strong and healthy and maintain their quality of life.

The Best Action for Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetics have to live with their disorder and regiment their lives accordingly. They can however take proactive steps with their feet by ensuring they undertake regular assessment of their overall foot health. Doing so can help maintain their mobility and quality of life. Diabetic foot care in Leicestershire begins with regular check-ups, preventative treatments and the very best advice in self-care. This is never better served than with Feet@theclinic Loughborough. Contact us for a private and personal assessment of your foot health, remedial and preventative treatment along with the very best diabetic foot care advice. Contact us and take charge of your feet today.

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