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Feet@theclinic Cracked Heel Treatment

Fissures are the term used for hard and cracked skin on the heels and sides of the feet. Quite simply the epidermis tears. At best, this condition is uncomfortable and unsightly with sometimes a darker or yellowish tinge. However, without treatment the condition can worsen and become painful as it tears the dermis with ever deepening penetration. Fissure become serious when they start to bleed with deepening cracks which are prone to infection which can lead to serious problems.

Causes of Foot Fissures

There are many causes of foot fissures with a high percentage of women sufferers seeking cracked heels treatment. During the summer months the likelihood of hard skin developing into fissures rises dramatically, this is partially due to people spending more time bare footed. More and more working environments, and indeed homes, are now air conditioned, the perfect atmosphere to dry out the skin on the feet. As a paradox to the exposure to dry environments, wet or moist environments can also be hazardous, prolonged exposer to wet conditions or excessive sweating raises the risk of developing fissures. This is because moist skin loses a degree of its tensile characteristics which, with continual pressure or impact, can lead to cracks forming in the epidermis. Open backed shoes, more commonly worn by women, fail to support the heel and leave it susceptible to rubbing and the creation of hard skin. A well-fitting closed shoe which supports the heel pad reduces the friction on the heel and reduces the risk of developing hard and cracked skin.

Skin Fissures High Risk Groups

At Feet@theclinic Loughborough we are well aware of the statistics that map the heel fissures high risk groups, which is not as simple as women being more vulnerable than men. Any person with a peripheral vascular disease is at greater risk due to the skin losing its elasticity. Any existing condition that affect a person’s gait, such as heal spurs or flat feet, put the person at higher risk of heal fissures. A person that is overweight puts greater pressure on the foot and this causes more lateral expansion of the heel pad risking tears in the epidermis. Diabetics are extremely vulnerable, as are many people taking various prescription drugs. With such a wide spectrum of at risk groups it is not surprising that heel fissures have become an extremely common affliction and one which needs to be professionally assessed, not only to assure effective treatment, but to ascertain the root cause, thus allowing accurate preventative care and advice. With such complexity as to the cause, gaining the correct heel fissure treatment in Leicestershire requires a professional assessment from Feet@theclinic Loughborough.

Fissures Treatment

Heel fissures treatment will vary depending on the severity of the condition. If the fissures are diagnosed early an effective treatment programmed can be planned which will largely be based around professionally administered intensive moisturizing, using emollients. Other specialist agents that contain occlusive agents can also be utilized in conjunction with the intensive moisturizers, these are used to create a waterproof barrier which prevents moisture loss from the skin.

However, all too often sufferers seek heel fissure treatment in Leicestershire once the affliction has progressed to the point where intensive moisturization alone is not the most effective course of action. It may be that our practitioners will opt for a combination of treatments specifically tailored to suit the level of severity on a case by case evaluation of the condition.

Should these procedures not be suitable there are other options that can be considered for effective heel fissure treatment. Heel cups can be an effective method of supporting the heel, relieving the pressure which gives the fissures the opportunity to heal. All the up to date innovations and methods of alleviation of heel fissures treatment in Leicestershire are available and administered with skill and professionalism by Feet@theclinic Loughborough.

Feet@theclinic Fissures Prevention

At Feet@theclinic, regardless of the condition, we strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. This is never more true than with cracked heels or heel fissure treatment. Our expertise goes further than simply treating to cure. We never want to see cracked heels develop into serious fissures which are prone to infection, necessitating longer drawn out, and possibly invasive, treatment. With every visiting client we put great store in giving sound, professional preventative advice with the view to educating our clients as an integral part of heel fissure treatment. Prevention is a large part of ambition to improve everyone’s overall foot health, well being and quality of life.

Heel Fissure Action

Ideally, we would prefer to treat this condition in it very early stages, but we recognize that this is not always the case. However early or advanced the condition, once a problem gets to the point when you can no longer live with it, be that due to pain and discomfort or embarrassment and loss of self-confidence, it is time to seek heel fissures treatment in Leicestershire. For premier, private and professional care and advice the place to visit is Feet@theclinic Loughborough. Being conveniently located and with easy access, more and more people are discovering the superlative service we offer for both treatment and advice. Delay should never be an option with the health of your feet, so contact us now for a personal, private consultation and be at peace with your feet.