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Changes in Your Feet During Pregnancy

Creating new life is the most natural of gifts given to humankind. It’s wondrous, exciting and fulfilling. But, anyone who believes that carrying an unborn child for 9 months is nothing but pure bliss, is very much mistaken. Pregnancy causes almost incalculable changes in the body during a small window of time, both mentally and physically, like no other natural bodily phenomenon. During pregnancy a woman receives prenatal care to monitor her own health and that of her unborn child. And yet, probably the hardest working part of the body seems to be given scant little consideration. Taken for granted, out of eye line, so often used and abused, little …

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What Does Your Local Foot Health Practitioner Do?

Our health is very precious, we all want to live a long, happy and active life, both mentally and physically. In our early, youthful years we live a carefree life, our bodies are a vehicle used, often to excess, to drive our ambitions and desires. However, the exuberance of youth can often be sowing the seeds of problems as we mature and grow older. When young, we think we are invincible. We drive ourselves relentlessly in pursuance of our professional goals and hedonistic thrills. Unwittingly, we are giving our bodies a daily pounding, aches, pains, bumps and scrapes are shrugged off with little thought or concern. All too often we …

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Preventable Measures for Foot Cramps

Picture the scene. Lazily watching your favorite television show, or perhaps at your computer surfing through the latest social media gossip. Maybe you’re cooking dinner whistling a catchy tune or playing with the children in the garden on a sunny day, all without a care I the world. Then, suddenly it happens. A paralysis of unimaginable magnitude strikes and pain racks your body. Muscles contract with concrete solidity, stricken logic gives way to a spontaneous panic reaction which overwhelms logical thought. You stamp, slap and rub, anything to loosen the satanic grip which has taken possession of part of your body in a sheer millisecond. Then, the grasp of the …

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Neurovascular Assessment and Why It’s Important

Our feet, ever dependable, taken for granted, often neglected, so little thought is given to our extreme appendages. But why? We are ever reliant on our feet, our entire day to day life functions rely entirely on our mobility, the quality of that mobility is irrevocably linked to the condition and health of our feet. If we allow our thoughts to dwell on potential problems with our feet, for the untrained minds, most of us will think of similar complaints, corns, bunions, hard skin patches, athletes foot. These are most likely the things that will spring to mind first, and indeed they are common. For such complaints, a quick visit …

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Causes, Symptoms and Treatments of Fungal Toenails

There is no doubt we rely on our feet during almost every waking hour of our lives. Work or leisure, our feet play a vital role. And yet, they are probably the most neglected part of our bodies. Being out of sight and out of mind, these appendages get used, and very often, abused. There is a myriad of afflictions that can befall our feet. Some are inherent, but many are due to injury, neglect or even prolonged abuse. Many issues that threaten the health of our feet are avoidable, thankfully the majority of these are treatable by skilled practitioners. There is one foot complaint that is on the rise …