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Tourist woman with sore feet and blisters checks her aching feet.

The Causes and Treatments of Blisters on Feet

Today everyone is more self-aware than ever before. We are more enlightened as to our personal wellbeing. The twenty-first century has become fashionable for health and fitness. Magazines, television and now, ever more, social media bombard us with how to keep every part of bodies fit and healthy. Unbelievably perfect looking people are constantly giving advice, making us believe that we too can look perfect. Millions of words are written telling us how to keep our skin looking fit and healthy, our digestive system and our muscle tone are all pontificated on and advised upon. There is even a plethora of advice to be gleamed on how to keep your …

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All You Should Know About Diabetic Foot Care

Throughout our developed world, the UK included, personal health and wellbeing has a greater focus upon it than ever before. We are better informed and more aware than we have ever been, as a result, personal health issues have taken on a far greater importance and we are more inclined to live healthier lifestyles as a result. Our increased awareness has largely come about via modern media, we are bombarded with lifestyle guides, dietary advice, exercise routines. But we have been influenced enough to alter our lifestyles to be kinder to our wellbeing. We have reduced the stress and risk factors of day to day life. We are more inclined …

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Do You Think That Your Feet Are Embarrassing?

As a footcare specialist I have seen, first hand, how treatable foot health conditions can blight people’s lives by impeding daily life and causing pain, there is also the stress and anxiety caused by the embarrassment of having unsightly feet. It could be that an individual has a tendency towards podophobia. Taken from ancient Greek, the word literally means fear of feet. This phobia is rarely so severe that it should require specialist help. It is most commonly just not wishing to be near or even looking at other people’s feet. It can however include a person’s own feet. In such cases it usually manifests itself as simply being self-conscious …

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How to Treat Painful Corns on Feet

Your feet are probably the hardest working part of your body, it may seem incredulous, but these hard-working extremities are, by many people, the most neglected part of the body. Of course, this begs the question, why? This may simply be down to the subconscious attitude of, “Out of sight, out of mind”. This, all too common outlook, leaves thousands of people suffering with foot problems causing discomfort, or even severe pain, and a feeling of self-consciousness when the feet are exposed. This seems absurd knowing that most of the debilitating ailments that people suffer are easily treatable at local, private clinics. This fact is particularly pertinent given the fact …

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All You Need to Know About Nail Remodelling

Why Would Nail Remodelling Be Required? The feet are certainly one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. Walking, running, playing sports, support and balance all put demands on our feet, not to mention the risks from careless behavior by other people. For many hours every day we swing our feet through the air with care free abandon. Right at the extreme end of our feet are our toes, small digits which are extremely vulnerable, but protected by the toenails. Without these small, hard pieces of alpha-keratin, which exist solely for the purpose of protection against physical damage and infection, the toes would have to bear all the …