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Combating Athlete’s Foot, Expert Treatment and Advice with Feet@theclinic

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection (tinea pedis) which is irritating, unsightly and can be an embarrassing affliction for the sufferer. Athlete’s foot infection treatment is one of the most common disorders treated at Feet@theclinic Loughborough by our experts with the knowledge and skills to rid the sufferer of this ugly, annoying complaint.

Many victims of athlete’s foot see it as a scourge which they attempt to combat with over the counter remedies in an attempt to banish themselves of the affliction. In reality, they do nothing more than keep it at bay with reoccurrence and new flare ups which can cause personal embarrassment and blight their lives. As a result, more and more people are seeking athlete’s foot treatment in Leicestershire.

Athlete’s Foot, Who’s at Risk?

Athletes foot doesn’t discriminate by age or gender, anyone can be afflicted. There are however higher risk groups that are more susceptible to falling victim to this undesirable condition. Research shows that a quarter of people in England will, at some point, fall victim to athlete’s foot. Generally, men have a greater level of sufferance to athlete’s foot than women. This is largely due to the conformity of gender accepted footwear. Socks, tight shoes and sweating creates the perfect environment for fungal infections, men fall into this higher risk group in greater numbers than women. This does not mean women are not at risk, they are at risk and at any age. Other high-risk groups include anyone that has a tendency to share footwear, people whose feet are exposed to a wet or damp environment on a regular basis, diabetics are extremely vulnerable athlete’s foot, along with anyone that suffers with a circulatory disorder.

Recognizing Athlete’s Foot

There are three main types of athlete’s foot all of which are commonly treated at Feet@theclinic Loughborough. Toe web infection, this infection usually occurs between the fourth and fifth toes. The skin becomes irritable and scaly and can easily crack raising the risk of further, secondary infections. Moccasin infection, this will usually affect the bottom and heal of the foot. This can be an uncomfortable condition with thickened and cracked skin with sufferers often feeling self-conscious due the unsightly nature of the condition. In extreme cases the toe nails can become infected, thicken and break up requiring the victim to undergo additional treatment. Vesicular infection, this will often begin on the bottom of the foot but can easily infect other areas with equal veracity. Many sufferers of vesicular infection find the condition appears suddenly with fluid filled blisters under the skin. This affliction should not be ignored as it can often lead to other complications from further bacterial infection. Any form of athlete’s foot infection can be uncomfortable, irritable and certainly unsightly. With greater public awareness of this condition we are consulting and treating more and more people that come to us seeking help for athlete’s foot treatment in Loughborough, not only are we ridding them of their unsightly, annoying condition but also bringing back their self-confidence when going bare foot.

Athlete’s Foot, the Risks of Non-Treatment

The particular fungus that causes athletes foot is Trichophyton which is commonly found on floors and in clothing and thrives in warm moist environments. Thus, the feet are susceptible to infection due to tight fitting shoes and socks, or frequenting places where people feel at ease going bare foot. If an outbreak of athlete’s foot is left untreated, not only is there considerable discomfort for the sufferer and the embarrassment of having unsightly feet, but there is a high risk of the infection spreading, frequently secondary infection transference can occur through direct contact and may afflict the hands and the area around the crotch. Obviously, this exasperates the level of sufferance and compounds the problem with additional treatments. Ignoring the condition also leaves other people at risk as the condition is infectious, Indirect contact by sharing items such as towels is an easy way for the fungus to transfer to new hosts where it can soon find new breeding grounds. There are many good reasons why the condition should never be ignored, so the best course of action is to seek athlete’s foot treatment in Leicestershire with Feet@heclinic Loughborough.

Athlete’s Foot Treatment at Feet@theclinic Loughborough

Anyone suspected of having athlete’s foot can undergo a simple assessment with our trained practitioners who can then confirm the presence of the condition. Our experts will then advise as to the best course of treatment, in some cases orally taken antifungals may be appropriate, although their effectiveness can be affected by other drugs the patient may be taking, such as antacids which inhibit the absorption of oral antifungals. Some antifungals are not suitable for the elderly or very young, also during pregnancy our expert guidance should be sought. There are various cream and lotion treatments which can be effective methods of treatment for athlete’s foot and our fully trained experts are able to assess the required method of application and usage levels for each individual on a case by case evaluation ensuring the very best athlete’s foot infection treatment in Leicestershire.

Athlete’s Foot Infection Post Treatment

After receiving expert treatment from Feet@theclinic Loughborough, our skilled practitioners will give each patient sound, expert advice on any action that should be continued at home and as to whether or not any follow up treatment is necessary. Our patients will also be advised on how to prevent future incidences of athlete’s foot. We at Foot@theclinic Loughborough, place great emphasis on preventative care for the overall health of our client’s feet. From being more self-aware, identifying the danger signs and avoidance of exposure to places and situations which can increase the risk of athlete’s foot infection, we always strive to give expert guidance and advice.

Athlete’s Foot, What next?

Although athlete’s foot is a rather unpleasant affliction, it need not be the irritating and embarrassing condition that it so frequently becomes. Scientifically proven treatment and procedures are well established and we have the skills to administer these at our modern clinic in Loughborough. This unsightly condition, along with its irritating symptoms, can be a thing of the past simply by taking the first step, contact us, Feet@theclinic Loughborough, Leicestershire and put your feet on the road to fitness and wellbeing, free from the scourge of athlete’s foot.