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All You Need to Know About Nail Remodelling

Why Would Nail Remodelling Be Required?

The feet are certainly one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body. Walking, running, playing sports, support and balance all put demands on our feet, not to mention the risks from careless behavior by other people. For many hours every day we swing our feet through the air with care free abandon. Right at the extreme end of our feet are our toes, small digits which are extremely vulnerable, but protected by the toenails.

Without these small, hard pieces of alpha-keratin, which exist solely for the purpose of protection against physical damage and infection, the toes would have to bear all the punishment that our day to day life deals out. It therefore seems rather obvious that these, seemingly inconsequential parts of our bodies, should be looked after just as much as any other part of our physical being.

Because the very job they are designed to do, the toenails take a lot of physical punishment, they can split, break or even be torn off, partially or completely as a result of an accident. They can become damaged by disease, fungal infections are common, and left untreated, can damage the nail. After recovery from physical damage or disease the nails can be left misshaped, this is when remodelling becomes a desired course of action.

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Societal Pressures to Look Good

Our modern world, largely through the media, puts pressure on people to look good. This has become ever more prevalent due to the popularity and exploitation of digital social media. The image of a perfect body is thrust upon us at every turn. It now seems as though there are hundreds of celebrity bloggers showing off their individual idea of perfection.

From the face and hair, hands and body, legs and feet, the digital media puts the whole of a person’s being under the microscope. This results in a psychological social pressure to look good and seek perfection, particularly for women, although the trend is growing in men.

This pressure is never more acute than during the warmer months, the beauty bloggers make hay, and people become ever more conscious of their appearance. In the summer, bare feet are commonplace, and footwear, especially for women, tends to expose the feet for all to see. Thus, broken or misshaped toenails can leave a person feeling subconscious of how their feet appear, and how they compare to others.

Just as with the hands, the nails are he crowning glory of a person’s ground dwelling extremities. What might otherwise be a well looked after pair of feet, can give an impression of unkempt neglect, simply due to damage or disease having undermined the aesthetics of the nails.

Your First Step is Your Local Foot Health Clinic

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The pressure to look good impels more and more people to turn to professionals to have damaged or misshaped toenails remodelled. The best way to do this is by visiting your local private foot health clinic. There are now more private foot health clinics throughout the country than at any time before, this is an indicator that people are, for whatever reason, more concerned about their foot health than at any time.

For the many thousands of people with less than perfect toenails, a visit and consultation at their local foot health clinic is the first step. A skilled practitioner will, very quickly, be able to advise on whether or not remodelling is an option for each individual case. The vast majority of clients with damaged or misshapen nails, after the initial cause has been completely dealt with, will be able to take advantage of remodelling.

Remodelling of toenails has advanced an incredible amount in recent years. New skills have developed around innovative reconstructive techniques, materials and equipment. This has enabled skilled remodelling practitioners, such as Rebekah Henning, to deliver amazing results in the remodelling and enhancing of damaged or missing toenails.

Pharmacists now stock an array of nail remodelling products for over the counter purchase, such as Nonyx, Sculpt-X and LCN Barefoot. Remodelling products vary immensely in price, from seemingly affordable, to seemingly extortionate. However, all of these products have one thing in common, they are not supplied with the necessary skills or professional equipment to fully utilize the packaged compounds to create a natural, and aesthetically pleasing result. Such results can only be delivered by a practitioner skilled in the art of toenail remodelling.

Remodelling skills can be accessed through your local foot health clinic, but it is vital to ascertain your local clinic’s credentials in toenail remodelling. Satisfying yourself that your local practitioner has the necessary skills to undertake your toenail remodelling, it is advisable to enquire if they are familiar with the Pedisafe system. Pedisafe is a tried and tested product with widespread acclaim throughout the foot care profession. Pedisafe products have gained the respect of skilled practitioners for their compound quality and for delivering the very best results.

How is Remodelling Undertaken?

After doing your homework and you have located a skilled remodelling practitioner, you can make your appointment with confidence knowing that the aesthetics of your feet will be transformed. Your toenail remodelling, by a skilled practitioner, can be completed during one relaxing session of treatment.

Prior to undertaking the remodelling process, the technician will initially prepare the nails by administering a pedicure. Attention will be given to the nail’s cuticle, any dead or loose skin will be removed and the nails will be filed and smoothed to remove any sharp edges. Following this, to reduce the risk of infection or any cross contamination, the toes and nails will be hygienically cleansed and sterilized.

From this point, the technician can begin the Pedisafe remodelling procedure. Pedisafe Prepspray will then be applied to the nails that are to be remodelled. This acts as a bonding agent for the Pedisafe Modelling Gel. Following this application, the nails are then exposed to a purpose-built LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamp, this is for no more than 30 seconds. This specialized LED lamp emits low levels of UVA (Ultra Violet A) light. The UVA light is an energizer which induces the process polymerization of the gel, this in turn creates the ideal foundation for the actual remodelling process.

The technician will then begin the skilled process of applying the Pedisafe Modelling Gel. This element requires the practitioner to use their well-trained skills of application, on completion, the LED light will again be used to cure the gel. The nails now have a new, firm surface, and the final stage of remodelling can now begin. Once again, the technician will utilize their well-honed skills, combined with a degree of artistic bent, to reshape the new, artificial polymer surface into the perfect looking toenail.

Following Your Toenail Remodelling

Close up of professionally done pedicure and manicure colored purple by tulips on wood floor

The resulting new toenails can have their aesthetics enhanced in the same way as a natural nail. They can be filed, painted and polished in the normal way and require no special treatment. Following remodelling, confidence in the look of your feet soars, anxieties fade and worry-free exposure of your feet becomes the norm. Fine weather and holidays can be enjoyed without embarrassment, the only looks your feet receive will be admiring ones.

Should you be unfortunate enough to become the victim of further trauma to your remodelled toe nails, repairs are not a problem. Damage to the remodelling can quickly, easily and affordably be corrected. This is due the system used by Rebekah Henning which has been designed specifically to be flexible, in that it can be used for total remodelling or for minor repairs and cosmetic adjustments.

Where to Go and What to Do?

Settling for a second-best result is not necessary, the country, across all points of the compass, is well serviced with private foot health clinics. Leicestershire and the midlands are particularly well graced with these services, with numerous clinics well versed and trained in the skills of remodelling. Many of these are skilled in the use of the Pedisafe system, these establishments should be sort as first choice.

Rebekah Henning is a leading exponent of toenail remodelling with a first-class reputation for delivering outstanding results. Rebekah practices her skills from Feet@Theclinic in Loughborough. She has chosen this local for its ideal geographical location. Due to its excellent transport links, she is able to offer her services to a wide catchment area in, around and beyond Leicestershire.

Immediately after your toenails have heeled as a result of trauma or disease, an easy, professional session with Rebekah Henning can save you an enormous amount of stress, worry and anxiety. One simple contact to Feet@Theclinic Loughborough, will instill worry-free confidence in the aesthetics of your feet. Don’t stress, just make contact.

Rebekah Henning is a Foot Health Professional (FHP) who has gone through specialized training at The SMAE Institute based in Maidenhead. She is fully trained and qualified in both the theoretical and practical aspects of foot health and care to enable her to assess the condition of your feet and treat as appropriate, referring you if necessary. She provides routine foot care and maintenance for your feet using the latest procedures and techniques to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment. Her knowledge and skills are up to date by undertaking continual professional development and she is also a Member of the British Association of Foot Health Professionals (MAFHP) and a Member of the College of Foot Health Professionals (MCFHP).

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